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"Panic is not good perfume election," the founder of the New York BondNo.9 perfume shop LauriceRahme suggest that you: "Prior to the perfume shop, need to do some preparation."

This day, do not use any fragrance products, including soap, aromatherapy bath gel, body milk, powder, or hand cream, as they may taste the perfume with you to try the chemical reaction between the subtle so you lose sense of smell. Should also avoid alcohol and cigarettes, perfume division JoMalone explained: "They confuse your sense of smell, so when you choose perfume, you smell is not their original flavor." Preferably should avoid eating hot pepper, because spicy foods affect the smell of your skin.

When you enter the perfume shop, do not hesitate to counter the generous sales consulting. Some brands of perfume and even a professional sales training. They help you choose perfume, it will be very careful and thoughtful consideration, and even ask for your favorite food what is selected as reference.

You also need to try to help Hong paper, they are cut into slender strips, perfume Shopping guide who will be ready at the counter in many such test incense paper, Rahme said: "so you can prevent yourself and do not like spraying perfume to him. "trial heard of five fragrances, you will become more dull sense of smell, rest a few minutes, or smell the coffee flavor, it can make your nose to regain vitality. When you find your favorite fragrance when it try spraying the inside of the wrist or arm, so you can avoid touching off by the smell of things taste disturbance. Sprayed perfume, you use your fingertips to tap the Hong test the site several times?? "This is to allow rapid evaporation of alcohol, so you can smell the perfume really smell."?? Rahme explained?? To wait 10 minutes for perfume and flavor of natural skin mixed, so that out, is your own fragrance.

Xiaobian Reminder: This test incense process, each no more than three perfumes, and each side of the arm can only try a perfume. In the process, but also to avoid spraying perfume in watches and other equally unique (metal) jewelry taste above, if after trying the perfume bottle, brought it home, in the next few days, you can to think about whether it is worthwhile to buy such a perfume bottle.

Exercise, you need most is it? A nice tennis racket? A comfortable and generous in sportswear? Or a cool shiny jewelry? I'm afraid you forgot the most important, right? A full of vitality and enthusiasm of the sport scent! More and more women even prefer to leisure, sports men's sports when sprayed with perfume too! How to smell appear to be more durable, but not after an afternoon of intense action leak out even sweat a little bit embarrassing, is what we are most concerned about it! The higher the concentration

perfume, perfume the better the durability. Fragrance (Perfume) is the most intense form; followed by perfumes and Eau De Toilette (eaudeparfum, eaudetoilette); the Cologne water (cologne) is the most light. The experts all agree: want a more lasting fragrance is the best way to use the same series of fragrance products, shower gel, lotion or cream. Perfume expert OlivierCreed New York, said: "This will enable the infiltration of your favorite fragrance every inch of skin, and always around you around." If you do not and perfume with a series of body care products, then use the shower gel and fragrance-free body milk it! SOHU Recommended>>> Perfume: Popular Perfume VS 5 professional women

Thought about how to choose a perfume gift to give each other a pleasant surprise and perfume as gifts? Perfume as a special gift that can express the subtle, delicate feelings. If you know a lot of each other, buy perfume Shopping guide can tell as much about his / her personality and habits. For example, if possible, you usually love this person very familiar with the fragrance. "You want to select is a his / her life the same thing."

Perfume division AnnickGoutal daughter, the mother is also involved in the creation of the same name in several perfume CamilleGoutal said: "A low-key, pro-nature woman might like a fresh, delicate scent of green tea or fruit; and On the other hand, a fashionable city girl will be more Zhongyi warm scent of flowers. "gifts if you were not very understanding, we recommend that you choose some fragrance and bright, simple perfume, such as citrus Fragrance generally more acceptable to people: "In this case, even if the people themselves do not like spraying perfume, because this type of fragrance is very light, pleasant, he also can be used to spray the sheets or the indoor anywhere. If you buy a fragrance gift or Xiangla body milk, then the recipient will feel more attentive care.
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As Expert As You Buy Perfume

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