Choose perfumes by knowing your signature scent

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Do you know about ambergris? This is one of the most valuable raw materials in perfume industry. Ambergris comes from a particular species of sperm whales. The fragrance of ambergris stays for a long time. Whenever you dress up for a party or a marriage function, the one essential element that you won’t miss to use will be a unique perfume. Studies have proved that perfume can influence a person’s mood, personality and way of behavior. One should take great care while choosing a perfume. A wrong choice can give a negative effect.

Source of scents

Perfumes are made from mainly plants and flowers. Perfumes can also be extracted from certain animals like whale. If we have to categorize the sources , then we can say perfumes can be made from bark of the tree, flowers and blossoms, fruits, twigs and leaves, seeds, wood and from animals.

Bark of the tree- Perfume can be extracted from the bark of trees like safrole, cascarilla, cinnamon and sassafras.
Flowers and blossom – Fragrance oil can be taken from flowers like rose, tuberose, jasmine, mimosa etc. In the blooms category, there come ylang-ylang blossoms, clove buds, osmanthus and narcissus.

Fruits- Citrus, apple, cherries, berries, vanilla, orange, strawberry.

Twigs and leaves –Lavender, violets, rosemary, cucumber leaf, patchouli, citrus and tomato.

Seeds- cardamom, anise, coriander, nutmeg and cocoa

Wood – Rosewood, sandalwood, cedar, pine etc.

Animals – ambergris from whale, musk from deer and odorous sacs of civets, mongoose etc.

What is a signature scent?

A signature scent is the unique chemical makeup of a person’s body. No one else will have the same signature scent. The elements that determine the signature scent of a person are his life style, food habits, any medications he take, the amount of water he drinks and the type of skin. That means the perfume that smells good on a person will not be suitable for other person. One should not buy a perfume based on the smell from the bottle or with the one someone else is using.

Do you know about perfume notes?

While going to buy a perfume, one should always try on different scents. Because perfumes wont smell exactly the same way always. You have to test it with your skin. Perfumes will evaporate in three stages or notes and in each of these stages the fragrance will change. The first stage or the immediate note is the time when you smell the perfume of the first time. Most of the people smell perfume directly from the bottle and this smell won’t last long. The second stage or the essence note will help people to under more about the perfume. The smell we get during the essence note will be different from the one we get in the immediate note. The base note is the last stage. The smell we get in this stage will last long and this will be the original smell you will carry with you when you use the perfume. Whenever we buy perfume, it’s essential to go through all the three stages.

Perfume concentration

Before buying a perfume you should know the concentration of the perfume. Perfumery suitable for women is Eau de perfume and for men it is Eau de cologne. It is always advisable not to use concentrated perfumes. Perfume extract is the most concentrated form of perfume. Though advertisements of various perfumes coming on television channels powered by Charter cable will be tempting, we should be careful on choosing perfumes.

Like fragrance of perfumes can alter the mood of a person, aroma therapy is booming as an alternative therapy to treat bacteria, illnesses, and stresses. Aerial diffusion, direct inhalation and application on body are the methods of aromatherapy treatment.

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Choose perfumes by knowing your signature scent

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Choose perfumes by knowing your signature scent

This article was published on 2012/03/09