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The perfumes are created by mixing essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents and are used for giving a pleasant smell to the human body, objects or living spaces. The industry of perfumes and fragrances is very much developed today due to the interest of the people for perfumes. The perfumes are definable for the persons who use them, they can influence their moods and they can increase the self esteem. But, in the same time, a good perfume created by famous designers can be very expensive. offers to all the users famous perfume and fragrances with incredible discounts.

Perfumery is the art of making perfumes which started in ancient Egypt and Mesopotania. The history tells us that this art was then developed and refined by Romans and by Persians and at the beginning, most of the perfumes were incense based. Today, this industry is so much developed that offers hundreds of perfumes and fragrances. The most common procedure of creating perfumes today is the distillation (the process of extracting oils from flowers) and this procedure was used for the first time by the Persian doctor Avicenna who created a perfume after he extracted oils from roses.

Due to the varied offer of perfumes and fragrances, it is not very easy to choose the perfect perfume for you. It is very important to know that a perfume can smell different on the skin of two persons, due to the different reactions that the human body has when is in contact with different substances. On every discount perfume is described and the customers can choose their favorites perfumes after they discover the flowers extracts on which the perfume is based.

With just a click you can see thousands of perfumes for men and women and you can order those you like. It is very important to know that all the perfumes are original, there is no imitation and all the products are 100% authentic designer brands. Perfume Junkie is the online store of the discount perfumes and fragrances and the company’s motto is “If we can not beat the best price, we don’t sell it”.

To create an account on is free and it only takes few minutes. In order to welcome the new customers the company offers free lingerie when the clients purchase their first order and this is a welcome gift. The fifth order also give to the customer a wonderful gift consisting in a Bloomigdales tote bag and there are also many other rewarding presents for the truthful clients. Another important aspect is that if you don’t find your favorite perfume through the offer of discount perfume and fragrances offered by, you can send an online order with the perfume you would like to buy and the company tries to purchase it special for you.

The order delivery arrives in 4 up to 10 business day, it depends from the state or the country where you live. Because the company’s biggest interest is to have satisfied clients, every customer who is not completely satisfied with what he purchased, he can return the perfume and he receives his money back. It is important to know that if you have this kind of problem you have to announce the company within 48 hours of receiving the item and send the perfume back to the company within 14 days.
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Using discount perfume you now have the possibility to choose and buy from a large offer of perfumes created by famous designers: and all this at a very special price. fragrances await to be discovered from the thousands available. Choose from the fragrances especially combined to create fantastic perfumes that come with special discounts.

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Discount Perfume and Fragrances

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This article was published on 2008/01/28