How to Turn Your Boyfriend on

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How to always let your boyfriend maintain passion for you? What you should do is to be different, yet you should have your own point of view, you should not blindly chase the fashion trends in the aspect of dressing, instead, you should match out your own style.
I should say high heels are the perfect weapons to win man’s heart, with the due help of high heels, you can perfectly reflect your feminine feature. Therefore, a pair of suitable high heels accompanied by sexy black stockings will make your legs slim and graceful, it will thus increase your unspeakable charm in the eyes of your boyfriend.
What’s more, you should learn to moderately expose yourself. If you expose your key body parts too much, you will be misunderstood by others as the "flasher", or you are not a serious girl. So how to moderately expose yourself is a great learning. If you are very confident about your neck, you can wear the V-neck dress, and then match with the gold necklaces, that can bring out the beautiful neckline. If you think your shoulder is beautiful, you may wish to wear shoulder-revealing, straight-type clothing, yet if you worry about the shoulder is revealed too much, you may decorate the clothes with lace or match with silk scarves. And if you are confident about your breasts, you can unlock another one button on the shirt, and you should wear transparent blouses with lace bra with the same color. Furthermore, if you have the slim and beautiful legs, you are suitable to wear miniskirts. If you would like to wear the long dress, then, you should expose your ankle.
In addition, you also can not miss out the fashion bags. The bags are the symbol that can perfectly show out your unique characteristics. You should learn how to match the bags according to your loving and your body shape feature. If you are the short one, you had better not to wear the overlarge bag, while you are taller, it is great that you can have a try on various styles of bags.
Besides that, you should learn to use the perfume with the fix brand. Choose certain perfume suitable for you, it will be your exclusive logo. Once he smells this scent, he know you're here. Generally, most people sprinkle perfume the handkerchief, clothes, which makes the smell disappear easily. Some women will apply perfume to the hair root, ear, neck and armpits, which is not good. The best way is to apply perfume to the navel and around the breast, and use a small cotton to dip perfume in the middle of the bra, in doing so, it not only maintains long-lasting flavor, it also allows the scent spread out in all directions.
Hopefully, what I have told can help you how to turn him on.


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How to Turn Your Boyfriend on

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How to Turn Your Boyfriend on

This article was published on 2011/03/01