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Any critical collector would agree that a Lalique perfume bottle is a very desirable object among the gathering population. The designer of the Laique perfume bottles started designing the objects after he was fifty years of age. This late begin did not hinder the artist productiveness at all.

During his comparatively short designing profession, Laique managed to create many innovative and attractive designs that make the Lalique fragrance bottle one among distinction and desire. This prolific artist work continues to delight collectors around the world and his legacy has been carried on by his posterity.

The basic Lalique fragrance bottle continued to be recreated after the artist抯 death. The designer son took over his follow and maintained the elegant quality anticipated of the Lalique perfume bottle. After his son retired, the artist granddaughter continued to maintain the company going with the same quality and innovation as provided by the original.

Initially, the designer started working for various perfume manufacturers who wished to appeal to the buyer sense of sight in addition to his sense of smell. The Lalique perfume bottle was a staple amongst companies like Coty, Houbigant and Value amongst countless different perfume manufacturers.

The Lalique fragrance bottle collection is among the most sought-after assortment of this type. The Lalique perfume bottle of nineteenth century yields nice rewards for the seller. Many collectors are keen to pay top greenback for the decorative spray bottles. Prices vary from the minimal 1,000 dollars to a jaw-dropping 15,000 dollars.

A vendor can get hold of an even greater promoting price if the Lalique fragrance bottle is accompanied by the original commercial for the fragrance it held. If the seller has a nineteenth century Lalique fragrance container and a poster or an advertisement that corresponds to it, the worth of the arrangement will rise accordingly.

Many collectors may have a hard time finding such a treasure which is why the ensemble is so very useful today. However, those who have newer perfume bottles designed by this artist will nonetheless discover that their objects are fairly valuable themselves. Even the Lalique perfume bottle designed during the turn of the millennium can pull in quite a worth, particularly the restricted edition design.

It humorous that the designer began out as a jeweler who created uncommon, leading edge designs that basically did not fair very effectively commercially. After the perfume manufacturer, Coty approached the artist to create the first Lalique fragrance bottle things changed for the better. The results are nonetheless apparent todsy.

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laique perfume bottle

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This article was published on 2010/09/15