Perfume and Its Accessories

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Nearly as much time, attention, and care is put into the design of a perfume bottle as is the fragrance. Let's face it, ladies, we love pretty packaging! Part of what makes each type of perfume unique is the bottle it comes in. Besides that, there are so many different types of perfume bottles--atomizers, sprayers, and the toilette bottle that requires you to use your fingers to dab some on your skin.

First let's talk about the different types of application methods for a fragrance. Sprays and atomizers are nice, but sometimes they can be a bit overpowering since you are getting a lot of fragrance. The best way to apply a spray is to mist the air and walk through it. This will spread the fragrance around and keep it light. (This is also helpful for people with skin allergies. Some perfumes can irritate sensitive skin. This method of application will keep the fragrance on your clothing and off your skin.)

If you have a particularly strong perfume, perhaps purchasing a eau de toilette bottle would be best. This way you can just dab a small amount on your pressure points (wrists, behind the ears, neck) and the scent will not overpower.

Many perfume bottles are so beautiful that a collection of them arranged on a stunning silver tray can be the perfect decoration for any bedroom or vanity. Keeping them arranged all together like this can also prevent a bottle from being knocked off and broken. No one wants to see a $100 bottle of perfume dripping all over their dresser! If you have a nearby window, try placing the tray so that the sunlight can shine through the different colored bottles and create a gorgeous light display across your room. Long after you use up the perfume, the collection of bottles will continue to inspire beauty.

Some perfume bottles today are decorated with a little jewelry that can be worn after it is done adorning the bottle. While many bottles today aren't quite as elaborate as those from the past, they can still be quite ornate at times. Typically the more expensive the perfume, the more decorative the bottle it comes in. Perfume bottles from many decades ago have become collector's items because of their beauty and creativity.

There are so many gorgeous glass, porcelain, silver, and hand-blown glass bottles available today online. If you have a wonderful fragrance, but don't care for the bottle it comes in, put the perfume in another bottle. The new combination will please both the nose and the eye.

While perfume accessories may not be quite as important as the fragrance itself, they are still significant to the overall effect. If you are shopping and a pretty bottle catches your eye, that's the first one you'll pick up to try. Just make sure your perfume collection looks as good as it smells!

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Perfume and Its Accessories

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This article was published on 2010/03/28