The Right Way to Wear Perfume

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Perfumes are made by mixing essential oils which have fragrances with aroma compounds and fixatives that give a pleasant smell to human body, animals, objects or in a living space. The sweet aroma or fragrance of perfume is used for giving you an attraction which will attract the senses of people towards you.

Some strong and irritating fragrances may also offend the senses of people around you. It is advisable that you follow certain tips and guidelines on wearing perfumes so as not to offend or irritate any body with your fragrance and always create a pleasant space around you.

Selecting the right fragrance for you:

As perfumes are meant for enhancing your personality and attire, it is advisable that while selecting a perfume you must always try to find a fragrance that complements the natural aroma of your body. In a perfume store, in order to select the suitable fragrance for you, try it out by spraying on your skin. Try two fragrances on a visit and spray them in areas of your skin that are far apart from each other.

To get a real fragrance smell, you should leave the perfume section of the store for at least fifteen minutes so that to allow it to mingle with your body scent and avoid missing with other fragrances present in the perfume section. If you think you like any of the perfumes, you should leave it applied on our body for a day so that you can find out that it does not cause any irritation, reaction and the smell does not lose its scent during the day. If you find it up to your satisfaction then you can buy the perfume on your next visit to the store.

Advice on wearing perfume:

Always buy a perfume after trying it on your skin as different skin reacts differently to perfumes and never go on what is working well for others. During winter season or cool weather, you must wear extra perfume as the cold weather tends to weaken the scent of your perfume. Dry skin also weakens the scent and if you have dry skin, it is advisable to wear extra perfume.

Try applying the perfume just after your bath as your skin pores are open and will be able to soak the fragrance of the perfume. If you are going to apply a perfume, do not apply a deodorant or use a deodorized soap as the mixture of smells may not be pleasing. Always apply perfume on the unusual places where it will stay warm and will be able to retain its scent for long. Try applying it on your neck, wrist, inside of elbow, cleavage, back of the knees etc.

Caution while wearing perfumes:

You should avoid wearing jewelry which can be discolored or striped of its coating by the usage of perfume. If you are wearing any such jewelry, do not apply perfume near the jewelry. Spraying the perfume on light color clothes is not advisable as it may discolor the fabric. You should also not apply perfume behind the ears as it may create a bad smell after blending with skin secretions.

For getting best deal on perfumes, you can also try offers online but before that you should try out the sample in a local store and should shop online for the brand which suits you best. Following the above tips on perfumes can get you best perfumes for yourself that can draw anyone towards you.

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The Right Way to Wear Perfume

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This article was published on 2010/03/27